About Jean

Jean Ryan is the proud owner-operator of Northwest Pet Care.

Jean Ryan owner-operator of Northwest Pet Care, Bellingham WA

My dog and cat nurturing experience began at birth since we always had multiple dogs and cats at home in northern New Jersey.
Considering we were a family of 6 children, I think my mother was a saint. 

As I got older, I worked with my animals for training and fun.

I've always had cats in my home, including a feral mom cat with a litter of kittens. Furry playtime with laser pointers or feather fishing rods are wonderful ways to keep them active and happily relaxed while their people are away.

My current cats, Morrigan and Finnegan, really like playing with balls and squeaky toys they steal from my dog.  Luckily, Luna is a sweetheart who doesn't mind sharing.

Keeping your feline friend in their own home helps to relieve stressful moves and lets them continue to enjoy their favorite napping and playtime spots. 

I like to get to know your dog, and keep them actively happy.

Some of my personal animals have been high needs.

One rescue was a terrier mix who had a horrendous first life, she was crated as long as 23 hours a day. Once she was in my home, she blossomed into one of the warmest and most charming animals I provided with a home and lots of love.  She became diabetic as she aged and I nurtured her for years with insulin administration twice a day. 

From puppies (entire litters), tiny dogs and senior dogs too, I've worked with them all. 

I adore my animals and would happily share the love with yours.

I've taken my care giving skills into my new vocation of pet care seriously and include Pet First Aid and CPR as part of my training to provide the best professional pet care possible. 

Drop-ins or walks are scheduled from 8am to 6pm.

I am fully insured and licensed, and will treat your pets as if they were my own.

Before we first begin to work together, I will ask to set up a meet and greet to learn your pets routine and preferences. I keep in touch with texts for any concerns or questions, and to share photos of your animals antics while their people are away.